Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Now why'd I go and do that

I just said to my new boss-type guy, Dave, that my next movie, "The Glomp," will be finished by Monday morning.

Guess I'll be up all weekend! But expect to see it then!

edit: It is a beautiful day and I finally found somewhere to lounge around outside - the Stevenson Coffee House! Because it has wifi, it has tables, and it has a lot of shade from these beautiful trees. Also everyone sitting around me is a total nerd, talking about complementizers and what "monkey" is in Indonesian. Ah, bliss! Porter's got a lot of nice places to sit but barely any shade, and everyone's there in almost no clothes talking about how many people they made out with. Who'd want to be a part of THAT?

edit: But everyone around me is smoking which I'm okay with because they asked, but then smoke started blowing into my face but since I already said it's okay I think it'd be weird now to move or say I wasn't okay. :| Oh well!

edit: haha one of the smokers just accidentally dropped their cigarette onto the tanbark and almost started a small fire.
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