Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Really stupid dream

Today, in waking life, I get a refurbished iPod back from Apple (my 5th one!). The first time I did this, I hoped that they'd give me a newer model, but of course, they didn't.

So last night I had a dream that I opened up the box that Apple shipped back to me (while driving around the Boardwalk area at night for some reason), and to my surprise there was a new 60 gig video iPod in a green iPod shuffle case. I turned it on and it already had songs on it, and even though it was a new video one I remember that the screen was black and white. Yeah.

So I woke up this morning really psyched about getting my iPod back because it's now a 60 gig video one, but then I realized it was a dream. :I
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