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Disregard this

I took the meme again because Ruji changed the answers.

From here

× I would fail a drug test right now. I know a sociopath. I have cheated on a test.
× I have cheated on a person I was dating. × I have had rape fantasies. × I've coerced someone into having sex after they said no.
I masturbate daily. × I like to get revenge. × I stayed in a bad relationship because I didn't think I could do better.
× I've pretended not to know stuff I learned from stalking a person online. × I often watch the Disney channel and enjoy it. × I am attracted to facial hair.
I have played innocent board games as drinking games. There is someone I would tell anything to. × Sometimes I hate myself for liking Bright Eyes.
× I'm really into yellow. × I hate a part of my body. × I like to fill out self-indulgent surveys like this one.
I would have sex with my father if it guaranteed world peace for 10 years. × I often zone out while people are talking to me. I love chocolate.
× I'm afraid I'll be single for the rest of my life. × Other people talk too much. I love drug stores.
I've had a lucid dream. I've been in more than three serious relationships.  (Serious, but not really long-term...) I have avoided someone instead of telling them directly to leave me alone.
× I've punched someone in the face. × I've been suspended or expelled from school. × I usually give money to panhandlers.
I have shoplifted.  (A 25 cent piece of chocolate.) × I get chummy with my teachers/professors. × I've had a friend with benefits.
× I like psychedelic drugs. × I've had sex with someone to boost my self-esteem. × I have been called a poser.
× I have gone down on someone of the same sex. I have purposefully not returned phone calls. × Someone has cheated on me.
× I have had a one-night stand in the past six months. × I frequently edit my LiveJournal (or other blog) posts. × Period blood has soaked through to the seat of my pants.
I have an iPod. I have been called lazy. I eat when I'm bored.
× I currently hate/strongly dislike someone. × I'm particularly attracted to chubby people. × I love to discuss politics.
× I have eaten dog food before. I would date myself if I were someone else. × I would love to have sex in a hospital.
× I have been to a funeral. × I always make the first move. × I check MySpace way too much.
× I have been tested for sexually transmitted infections. × I only smoke when I'm drunk. × A friend has made a move on my significant other or crush in the past.
× I have a lot to say about any topic. × Math or science is my favorite subject in school. I enjoy some hip-hop music.
× I firmly believe in God. × I have a love/hate relationship with myself. × I played sex games when I was a kid.
I eat meat. × I have slept with an ex. × I cried in the last week.
× I'm obsessed with girls. I think assisted suicide should be legal. × I've played on a sports team.
× I shave places other than my face. × I like wearing clothes designed for the opposite sex. × I go for younger guys/girls, not older.
× I like to cuddle with my friends. × I have failed a class.  (Withdrew before failing) × I love to receive flowers.
× I believe in soulmates. × I love to write. I've been told I'm good in bed.
× I wouldn't mind being a hermit on a desert island for a few years. I want to be famous. I love the beach.
× My hair is an unnatural color. × I wish I could be young forever. × I am afraid to die.
× There is a picture of my significant other on display in my home. × Nude photographs of me exist. × I am jealous of a friend.
× I read a lot of poetry. × I have had a serious physical illness. × I have been unintentionally hurt by people that I loved.
× I have never been in love. × I adore dark colours. × I have a ritual that I do when alone.
× I love to dance. × I have lied to impress a crush. × I watch anime.
× I have dated someone I thought was ugly. × I would drop dead if certain people read my journal. I have read someone else's journal without permission.
× I often get the short end of the stick because I'm such a pushover. × Hearing about other people's problems makes me feel better. × I feel lost without my cell phone.
I have overdrawn money from my bank account. I find being pissed off extremely satisfying. I have been dumpster diving.
× I always have a BFF. × I snowboard. I love random humor.
I hate most parties. × I have slept with one or more of my friends, not counting exes. × I have a loud, jolly laugh.
A Vienna sausage sounds really appealing right now. I've made out with someone who had bad breath, and I didn't tell them. × Sweat can be attractive.
× I hate my hair. × I have no qualms about people seeing me naked. I have arranged an in-person meeting with someone from the internet before.
× I have been in a long-distance relationship. × I am afraid of clowns. I love roller coasters.
I like cats more than dogs. × I like to sit outside when I eat at restaurants. × I have a crush on someone who doesn't know.
× Nobody has ever said I'm weird. × Nothing really ties me to the place I'm living right now. × I plan/hope to get married in the next five years.
× I like the way women look in corsets. × A lot of my clothes are from expensive stores. × I have stolen something from a friend in the past year.
× I like to talk while having sex. × I laugh at inappropriate times, especially during awkward silences. × I believe in astrology.
I can't stand being tied down to someone. × I hate sharing a bedroom. I want to be more in shape.
× I talk to my parents almost every day. × Achievement in a certain field is the strongest driving force in my life. × I have burned my own art or writing.
× I know a martial art. I could financially support myself now if I wanted to, or I already am. × I feel weird if I don't do anything fun on a weekend.
× I am a Renaissance person --good at a lot of different things. × I am ignorant of other cultures. I wish the end of the world would hurry up.
× Sharing hobbies with a person I date is SUPER important to me. × I like superheroes. × I am nocturnal.
I save my online chats and read them later. × I try to shower daily, but sometimes I skip.  (If I uncheck this does it mean I don't shower daily because I do) × I have engaged in self-mutilation.
I have good gaydar. × I think it would be fun to write up a survey like this one. × I have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
I have an account on a dating site. × I browse the Craigslist missed connections section in hopes of finding a description of myself. × I like to be taken care of.
I tend to exaggerate for dramatic effect when I'm telling a story. × I believe a lot of my emotions can be attributed to a chemical imbalance. × I act really, really stupid when I'm drunk.
I have wet my pants after the age of ten. × If it was free, I would get a private detective to spy on someone for me. × I stand close to people when I speak to them.
× I wish I had more cool friends. × I dislike candy. I have seen every episode of every season of a show.
× I usually wear a fragrance. × Most people bore me to death. I wake up extra early just so I can press the snooze button.
× I could see myself in a polyamorous arrangement. I hand wrote some or all of the HTML tags in this document. × I've been arrested.
I have plans to do something social tonight. × I have played in a band. I think the person who wrote this survey has too much spare time.
× I am really interested in paradoxes. × I have considered filing or have filed a restraining order. × I compulsively crack my knuckles.
× I have written a poem for someone. I hate pubic hair. × I was or am popular in high school.
× I'm really gullible. I love to read comics. × I cut my own hair.
I have made my own film. I know a programming language. × I think that carrying an unborn child would be exhilarating and wonderful.
× I like sex better when it's not in the context of a relationship. × I've been sent to the hospital for an overdose. × I use the word beautiful liberally.
× I have swallowed semen. I was raised in a religious household. × I prefer to date people who are smarter than me.
× If someone I was on a date with farted loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear, I would probably not ask that person out again. × I love science fiction. × I have stayed awake for 36 hours or longer.
× I feel guilty for some of my thoughts. × I would rather be a bird. I have taken an IQ test.
× I have masturbated in a public vehicle such as a bus or airplane. I am registered to vote. × I am not really in touch with current events.
I would be miserable without my car. × I think vampirism is hot. × I have pretended to be insane or retarded in public.
× I have gotten high from drinking cough syrup. My life is awesome right now. I could be celibate and happy for the rest of my life.
I listen to songs over and over again. × I'm really into my bicycle. I would rather live in a cold climate than a warm one.
I have posted something on LiveJournal specifically to piss off someone who read it. × I use alcohol as social lubricant. × I am attracted to awkward people.
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