Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Fell in love: 19
Lost your virginity: 17
Lost someone close to you: 19
Drank alcohol: 13 (Bar Mitzvah)
Smoked: NaN
Got your heart broken: NaN
Got arrested: NaN
Broken a bone: NaN
Got cheated on: NaN
Rode the city bus: 6?
Went to a concert: 4?
Met someone famous: NaN
Dyed your hair: 13
Got your first cell phone: 15
Got a Myspace: 19
Snuck out of the house: NaN
Got your own digital camera: 18
First time you got drunk: 19
Read Harry Potter: 16
Travelled across the ocean: 13
Wore a toga: 18
Travelled out of state/country: State: 2 Country: 13
Shopped at Abercrombie/M&S: NaN
Went to Disney World: 5?
Saw a Broadway/West End play: NaN
How old are you now: 20
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