Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


Windows decided to run chkdsk on my storage drive and it now seems to be in the process of deleting everything. Or at least deleting "index entries."

This is some pretty rad stuff! I hope years of photos, music, programs, and other things are gone forever!

(If anything really horrible actually happens I can probably recover things with GetDataBack.)

edit Ooh, now it seems to be recovering said "orphaned files." Let sit for 5 minutes for plot to thicken.

edit whew okay it looks like everything is fine because it still says I have a buttload of files on this disk. I'm repairing Windows right now but I'll check to see if everything's cool when that's done!

edit For some reason Windows Installation is taking forever! It is stuck on being complete in "34 minutes." Uh oh

edit Okay well I ended up reinstalling Windows on another partition and it does indeed look as if a whole buttload of my files have been lost or corrupted. Time to see if GetDataBack will do anything!
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