Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Obvious facebook reference!

Oh my god, no one has control anymore on LiveJournal! Now you don't have to do any stalking or sleuthing at all, all privacy is completely lost! "One of my friends uploads a new userpic" - that should be private! I don't want everyone knowing this!

Oh no, what am I to do!!!

Anyway so I don't keep flooding your friends page, here's a meme.

Lionapple - A character from Dogtato-kun! I use him when it is time to boogie and get dancing.

ACT - I ripped this from the dumb beatmania IIDX video for ACT. It's of this 3D girl Acty Aries. I use it whenever someone's talking about anime.

rottel-the-Mercury 1 - Ripped from the beatmania IIDX video for rottel-the-Mercury. It's Evil Tran and she's very angry and I use it when I am very angry! There is a 1 in the name cuz there was another one that I deleted.

El Mariacho - A character from Girly. I animated and cleaned up the frame a bit. This is what I use when I am in creepy love or when I am talking about Girly!

This is Exploding. - There are a lot of icons that have a bigger image and then a smaller animated frame with some poetic text and so I tried to parody that with an outtake from the movie Shaolin Soccer. The text is from an unofficial translation of Shaolin Soccer, at the beginning of a dance scene. I use this icon when I am talking about gross things and vomit barf.

Gasp - This is T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics and he is looking very surprised, and I use this when I am extremely surprised and shocked!

WAIWAI230 - Truly obscure! This is from a background movie played during the song WAIWAI230 whilst playing DDR foonmix. It took a long time to properly resize it from an AVI into pixellated form. I use it when I am talking about BEMANI or games in general or Something Awful since it is my avatar there.

Not gay. - A smaller version of this which was a parody of Saku's studio photo! I use it when I say something really gay to remind people that I am in fact not gay.

Backwards. - This works best when you are using IE with ClearType off, which is the case for most Internet folk, so it confuses them greatly and makes them wonder how I made my username do that! I usually only use it for comments since it only works well that way. I use it when I am being sarcastic mostly.

The Mayor! - This is the Mayor from Action League Now!!! He is a bad guy so I use it when I am being a bad guy.

Cucumbird - He is also from Dogtato-kun! I talk about penises a whole lot so I use him when I talk about penises a whole lot.

Dude Love Shades - This is from some animated GIF of this wrestler Dude Love doing assorted things. I don't really know much else since I don't watch wrestling! I use this when uh I don't know. I used it recently whilst talking about glasses.

Crispy - This is a picture Bryan took of some fried fish. It makes me very hungry when I use it so I am usually talking about food.

Me. - My default icon has been of me for a few years now and this one was taken in February 2006. It's my default icon and it works when I'm not feeling silly enough to choose an icon. So it is my serious icon!!!

FUCK - I guess this is C3PO saying "FUCK". I took it from rstevens' seemingly default art blog. Some people think I am angry when I use it but I don't know it's just silly to see C3PO and then the word "FUCK"!

Got Meat - This is a picture of a man holding a giant slab of meat which I took from a New York Times article titled something like "Got Meat." I thought it was pretty funny! Sometimes I talk about meat so I think this is an appropriate icon for those times.

Dude Love Thumbs - Here is Dude Love doing some more crazy things!

Dude Love Legs - How does he do that!

Dude Love Snap - I don't know what I use these for!

BUS Scream - Here's a small animated icon I made from BUS. I actually don't think it's drawn at all expressively but I use it whenever I talk about BUS or CAR or any of my other drawin's.

Emmamuel - Uh here is a guy that I put my face onto a few years ago for some reason. I gave him the name "Emmamuel" because my great grand uncle was named that but changed his name to Man Ray!

Browsers - I spend time in tech communities and I'm a big advocate for Firefox so I use this whenever I help people with their broken IE problems. I animated it myself. The joke is that people use the "red X" to connote a broken image but I think it is more appropriate to Firefox users when a "torn image file" icon is used!

Widdle Ian - An animation I bastardized from UNFAIR. In this scene he is actually dancing to music I made for the film! I think I have yet to use this, though. I just wanted to see if I could compress it for LJ.

Punch - I took this from this hilarious viral video! I use it when I am arguing with people and causing flamewars.

xbox - This is from a comic by Shmorky. I think "xbox" is a very good response!
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