Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Shiranne can't understand simple directions

Shiranne: hey how do you do that thing where one frame tries to turn into another
Jeffrey: o
Jeffrey: tweenz
Shiranne: hm
Jeffrey: make two keyframes on the same layer
Shiranne: i can't seem to figure it out properly
Jeffrey: and then in the space between those keyframes, select um motion tween in the properties
Shiranne: oh hm
Shiranne: okay
Shiranne: yes ok :-) thanks
Jeffrey: walcome
Jeffrey: yeah the two things in the keyframes have to be single objects
Jeffrey: can't have more than one object in each keyframe
Shiranne: right
Jeffrey: Also make sure you don't have more than 5 reticulating splines in layer 3
Jeffrey: that layer is reserved for sound transition effects
Jeffrey: also if you save as .swf you might notice some decay in parabolic tradictories
Shiranne: er
Jeffrey: you'll understand once you start adding triadic interpretation to the shape tweens.

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