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Please stop me from considering buying a Macbook within the next year.

Sure, it's smaller and probably has better battery life than my Inspiron 9300, but if I sold my Inspiron it would be at about half of what I bought it for ($2000), and then it wouldn't be enough to buy even the cheapest Macbook. What's more, my Inspiron's specs are still better than the high-end Macbook.

So yes. I am sticking with my Inspiron. It's big and annoying but I will hug it and squeeze it and call it George.

Actually its name is just jeffreyatwlap. But I will call it George when I am hugging and squeezing it.

Speaking about that, everyone tell me your names for your inanimate objects. My desktop and notebook are boring, just named jeffreyatw and jeffreyatwlap, respectively - just cuz I like keeping things uniform when it comes to networking.

My old Honda Accord didn't have a name. It was just "the car." But it wasn't "CAR." You could call it "CAR's car" though.

My new Acura Integra has a story behind its name, though. Back when I was playing Chrono Trigger for the first time in 2000, we had just gotten the Acura. The day we got it, it was time to name the Epoch, so I named it "Acura." So I will now name my Acura "Epoch!"

Back in the day we had a Mac IIsi in the house. My mom called it "Tootsie" because that's sort of what IIsi sounds like.

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