Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Jorb Fare

Augh well that was quite embarassing. This was my first job fair - the last two big jobs I got by word of mouth and then just Craigslist - so I was entirely under-prepared.

I DID bring a whole bunch of resumes, most of which I didn't end up giving out, but I actually didn't know that people really dress up all nice-like for stuff like this. Well I mean I couldn't have done that because I had class right before that but I was pretty out-of-place in my sweat-caked beanie and offensive shirt.

So I went up to a few people, explained myself, they sort of grimaced at the mention of "Linguistics major," but things got a little better after mentioning my Sun and Autodesk internships - but most importantly I did give out my resume to a few people. So it wasn't a total bust.

I'm not too worried about my future despite the fact that I'm looking for a job over half a year before I graduate, but this was a good experience so I know more about what to expect. Also I'll know not to eat directly after going to one of these since I was so agitated that I ordered this massive sandwich from the Stevenson Coffee House and gave myself a stomach ache.
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