Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Swamp threshold

There's some sort of limit to how much work I have before I feel swamped - or at least it's interesting how less I feel I have to do now that I have one assignment under wraps.

Beforehand I had 5 pages of a Psych essay to write, a big ol' Phonology assignment to plow through, and then an entire piece to orchestrate, all within the next few days. But now that I know exactly what piece I'm orchestrating, everything seems a whole lot more manageable. Like, twice as manageable. That's not mathematically correct but it certainly feels right!

I think it was because I was going to be juggling three giant assignments and just chipping away as I wallowed in sorrow but now I know I'll have two whole days to work on Phonology, and two more days to work on Psych. Phew.

Anyway I should shut up now since I'm in a class I have trouble paying attention in!
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