Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


So a few things happened yesterday.

First of all I had this amazingly big burrito for lunch with a lot of meat in it and I was feeling pretty crappy and all of a sudden I realized I don't feel like eating meat anymore. I can probably go without it for a while, as tasty and filling as it might be. Since I'm trying to lose weight and also expand my horizons food-wise, I'm going to try going vegetarian for 10 weeks. I tried it for 1 week two years ago and it was difficult, so this'll probably be slightly more difficult - but after a while it should be fine. Wish me luck!

After lunch I volunteered to drive a friend from San Jose airport back to Santa Cruz. Picked her up and everything was fine until I noticed smoke coming out of the hood. Within a few minutes the temperature gauge was at its max and I was frantically looking for a gas station. Even better - I found this place called "Radiatorland," which was perfect, because my radiator was the thing which was screwing up. There was a leak somewhere and antifreeze was spraying everywhere - the whole place was covered in green slime by the time we had opened the hood.

Soooo it cost me $430 for them to replace the radiator, coolant, and thermometer, and my friend who I had just picked up and I had to sit around at a nearby cafe for two hours and do nothing. At least it was two hours and not two days. And it's always nice to have new car parts. I guess.

And now I am in class! Taking Structure of Japanese which seems like it'll be pretty laid-back. No sections, no homework over the weekend, 5 out of 7 assignments count for a grade. I think this is a good omen!
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