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iPod... complete!

For the last... I dunno, year and a half, I've been listening to every single song on my iPod and rating it as I go. I have completed my task - every single song currently on my iPod has a rating!* Here's what my ratings mean:
  • 5 Stars: The best songs.
  • 4 Stars: Songs I'd play around other people.
  • 3 Stars: Songs I personally like.
  • 2 Stars: Needs attention - misnamed, truncated, low bit rate, or maybe I want to remove the entire album.
  • 1 Star: Remove from iPod.

    So I have 587 5-star songs, 2519 4-star songs, and 853 3-star songs... and a few leftover 2-star songs I haven't dealt with yet. That's a really good distribution. Ideally everything would be 4- and 5-star, so what I'm doing now is re-listening to everything with a little bit more of a discriminatory ear and considering whether I really enjoy listening to everything - and if not, rating it down.

    Yes, I know it's really lame to pay so much attention to my choice of music like this. I just like listening to the best stuff is all. Perhaps when I get a new iPod (80GB probably) I'll throw everything on and make use of playlists a whole lot more... but I'll still be rating everything.

    I'll put up a table of my 5-star songs soon.

    *Well, every song HAD a rating until I removed the latest 1-star songs, leaving room for a few more albums. So I have 100 more to go but I'll just leave those in with the mix and rate 'em as I come upon them.
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