Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


First: my daily photo thingy has been updated!

Second: Hooray for going a week as a vegetarian! 9 more to go.

Third: I went and bought snaxxx for Porter Senate tonight (8pm at Fireside Lounge!), and while expecting I'd have trouble finding on-campus parking upon my return, I didn't think I'd have to wait an HOUR. Man some guy totally sniped the parking space I was camping and I got really angry and it was a good thing he left before I could give him a piece of my fist at the bus stop.

Fourth: I almost got arrested and sent to jail for 6 months because I sort of forgot to pay the traffic ticket I got in November! Well not really but my appointment with traffic court WAS overdue, but I just called them and I cleared it up. I'm not gonna fight the ticket; it was only $120... plus traffic school (which I can do online).

Fifth: For the first time since I moved into the dorm four years ago I got written up, and it was by Stephanie! Such irony! But I mean it's cool I don't blame her or anything she is just doing her job. I was just playing music too loud with a bunch of peeps in my room is all, nothing too horrible.

Sixth: Oh yeah one more vegetarian thing, yesterday I was having this great pita with tandoori seitan in the dining hall (yes dining hall food can be good), but I was looking at the one I got and I asked the dude who made it if he was sure this was seitan and not chicken, and he was like yeah, so I brought the thing back to my table, had a piece of seitan, but then realized the rest is actual chicken. Curses! I came back and complained and the guy got reprimanded by his superiors. I certainly love being an asshole about things I've only been practicing for a week!

Seventh: See Eighth

Eighth: Hello! Welcome to Eighth.
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