Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


One day I was walking around a bookstore and I came upon Regis Philbin's autobiography. I flipped through the pages and noticed a pattern - at least one sentence per page was fully capitalized. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it was because he was trying to convey the feeling of yelling to get his (intended as hilarious) viewpoint across.

So okay, I decided to pass off Regis Philbin as a bad writer. But I notice that those around me are engaging in a similar practice, yet they are using the powers of technology to mask this insidious deed! Yes, they are italicizing their words instead of capitalizing them.

And so, I humbly request that you, my dear friends, please consider letting silly topics like "monkeys" or "pirates" flow freely through your work, unhinged by the dastardly <I> tags, or simply ceasing to be clever completely. If your friends are really looking for a laugh, they'll brush up on their reading comprehension and take it upon themselves to find your bouts of hilarity, rather than having the hilarity find them.
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