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Just to reiterate

So uh yeah I shaved my head today because I would later play a neo-Nazi in this guy's final project for a Film class! It was very fun but I will start with yesterday!

I first hopped on the film because Alessandro, the guy in charge, needed someone to play a priest. I can (could) pull off sort of an older man thing with my receding hairline so I volunteered - thing was, we needed to drive to Piedmont because that was the only church that would let us film inside. And also blaspheme a whole lot.

But yeah I actually got to go in the back where they keep the fucking AWESOME priest's robes and put those on, and one of the priests there actually helped me put on the collar thing. I looked totally badass. So the scene consisted of Jesus reprimanding me for being a total dick and giving me shaken-baby syndrome.

Today though he needed more people to play neo-Nazis (Alessandro doesn't know a lot of bald white guys) so I volunteered to chop it all off. It was really awesome and great because I got to smash an old TV with a hammer and try not to inhale the poisonous fumes. Glass went EVERYWHERE. I guess you just get to do cool things like that when you're a baldy.

I'm feeling really productive for some reason so I'll actually do homework on a mid-weekend night!
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