Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Prom Redux

When we last left our heroes, James escorted Momo back home by limo (omg so cute), and we were left waiting in the deserted dance hall... with dessert. We gave a cake to a homeless man walking by the outside of the building, and we just shared the brownies with everyone. A dressed-up lady selling candy, cigarettes and glow wands walked by us and we had sort of a chat with her... and we gave her a brownie or two.

We had no idea what to do with our remaining time in the limo, though. We ended up using it for almost an hour less than for what we rented it. Leaving San Francisco, we went back to TL, where 80's got in his car and I got in my car with Hannah, and everyone else stayed in the limo - from there we drove down to Denny's. Right as we sat down, Nessa remembered that she had to leave... but by then the limo was gone. It could have driven her home. 80's, being a dear, (and me, being a lazy-ass) drove her home. But even by the time he got back, our food still hadn't arrived. Damn 2-in-the-morning chain restaurant service.

So Allison (Liron's previously unannounced date) and I complained about dying from empty stomachs, and sooner or later, our food arrived.


I had the Meat Lover's Potato Platter or summat - a hot platter complete with bacon, ham, sausage, and little baked potato bits, covered with scrambled eggs, with toast on the side. Gwah. Must not get too much into detail with the foodage, I'm starving right now.

So after that it was basically me driving Hannah home, forgetting to walk her to the door, and havin' the sleep. It was a good night.

I'm-a talk about more recent things soon, like Sophie's birthday party, the Mountain Play, and excerpts from my 38-page English portfolio.

And about Amelia, too.
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