Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden


oh,valentines day,the day when u r single and u feel relaly sad cuz evryone else ha sa date. *sigh*i think its a dum holiday since evryones kissing and u cant cuz ur freinds went home cuz they have ybofriends and i dont hav a gilrfriend,u no,cuz i am a guy lol.evreyone on my freinds list has a girlfriend and they rt alking abot how happy they r*sigh*i wish i hadd a grlfriend because they r hot and i miss them :)andyway i tihnk that i m going to stis here and borwse the internet fro a while cuz theyres not much else to do lol.i went to lunch with saku and sge is bored 2 u ever thing thet u will neve get a date cuz u r too ugly n stuff?i soemethings think that.sorryif my spelling is bad cuz i am cryintg and alone adniwant a anyways i think valantines day is a fake holidaty becase u have to buy things to make epopel feel better and if u dontn then they brake up witrh happaned to me sucked a lot,so i think im gonni be goign now so i cna cry and in my bed because i don have a date and its singels arwaredness dayt and u knw that manes 'sad". lol i thouth that was cute. here is a pome i rwote aout velantinves day.

oh you don no how it fels
to be singe on valentienas day
cuz u dont have someoenm to hold
and it makes you look into te distence
and squnit rally hard
beucase u know ur betterr than evrayone.

txhx 4 reading it i no its sorta long lol but u no i feel poetic on velantatins day because everyne else havs a date and i dont cutz well i dnt no lol :_

hav a god one <# <# <# <#
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