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(Headnote: For those who have played DDR before, I'm going to sound like a fool with the following explanation... and to those who haven't, well... I'll still sound like a fool.)

You know those kinds of songs that you sorta really hate when you hear them for the first time, then after a while they start to grow on you? Well if you really think about it, ANY song could be like that if you listen to it long enough. I mean, I even started liking some industrial hardcore techno songs after a while. But in this case, the song is PARANOiA, by Naoki Maeda, originally created for DDR.

PARANOiA is some sort of "jungle techno" song, with an annoying siren and and an even-more-annoying backup singer, although the beat is pretty nice. It was originally made not for listening pleasure, but to be the hardest DDR song. And since other songs continue to surpass it in difficulty every time a new version of DDR comes out, PARANOiA continually gets remixed so it can continue to be the hardest song.

PARANOiA is also cute because its "artist" is attributed not to Naoki, but to the song's own BPM.

The following is a list of the official versions of the song:
1stMIX180PARANOiANaoki Maeda1808/10
2ndMIX190PARANOiA MAX -DIRTY MIX-Naoki Maeda1908/10
3rdMIX190'PARANOiA RebirthNaoki Maeda1909/10
4thMIX200PARANOiA EVOLUTIONNaoki Maeda2008/10
EXTREME270PARANOiA SurvivorNaoki Maeda27010/10
EXTREME290PARANOiA Survivor MAXNaoki Maeda29010+/10
Party Collection.3kPARANOiA -Respect-Sota Fujimori30010+/10

Yup. The real reason I posted this, though, is because I think four remixes of PARANOiA have actual musical merit. Two are official, two are not... and none of them are by the original composer.

2MB - PARANOiA KCET (CLEAN MIX) - 2MB's got great remixes of a lot of Naoki's songs. I like this one mostly because it has fun steps in DDR.

.3k - PARANOiA -Respect- - I'm pretty sure that Sota Fujimori remixed this one, because it has a lot of effects that can also be found in his song, Look to the Sky.

TaQ - PARANOiA (bounce connected Mix) - I love TaQ! This version of PARANOiA was stuck right in the middle of a continuous mix of TaQ's other songs, and it fits perfectly.

onoken - P8107 - This is my favorite, by far. onoken has turned PARANOiA into a compeltely different song, and best of all, he created it to be played on beatmania sims.

Enough with my too-much-free-time knowledge about insignificant crap... but I thought I'd just share with you those remixes. They's cool.

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