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I sort of forgot about the whole idea of paying for grad school. Now I'm left with a very slim chance of actually going to grad school next year because my parents aren't paying for it, and I totally forgot about the fact that out-of-state tuition costs more than twice as much as for Washington residents.

So grad school might have to wait a year. I might move to Seattle, get a really cheap place to live, and work there for a year, making money and establishing residency. That way, school will easily be affordable.

The only problems are, will they let me defer my enrollment for an entire year, and will I still be interested in grad school after (hopefully) a year of work?

edit: I talked with my parents and we put some other ideas on the table. We all think it's a good idea for me to move to Seattle to establish residency, but we were thinking that I wouldn't defer my enrollment - rather, I'd start as a part-time student.

The deal is, establishing residency requires that I don't take more than 6 credits a quarter. But fortunately, I have some undergraduate classes that I need to get out of the way before I can start my graduate-division classes... so maybe I can do a few of those during the year that I'm just living in Seattle, working.

Things aren't looking too down - but I think the shock from having to pay for this entire thing myself hasn't really settled in yet.

Put a post on the UW community, too.
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