Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Stream of consciousness I wrote for Psych class on mashed potatoes.

I enjoy many kinds of mashed potatoes. The first thing I think about when I hear about mashed potatoes is how maybe cheese or butter would go great on it. The dining hall likes to serve weird stuff like “wasabi mashed potatoes” but I'm pretty sure that they just accidentally poured something in to their potato mix and decided to go with it. But to tell the truth I thhink the dining hall actually uses real potatoes, but still they're probably leftovers of old meals that no one wanted. That's usually the case with most of the stuff that's in the dining hall. Same with the juice. The juice there is nice but it's all made from syrup and combined with water and sometimes the water doesn't come out and sometimes the juice doesn't come out. I don't like the fact that the only juice I've had here for the last 4 years is just some pulpy syrup shit that is mixed with water. I mean, it probably still has the same nutrients and everything but it makes it feel fake. I wonder when I get out of college if I'll really enjoy food better once I start making it by myself, or if I'll loko back at the dining hall and think I really had it good then. I think that's how the majority of people will feel, but they obviously don't feel it now. I guess it's “cool” to hate college – what uou've been paying for the entire time. Tangent, I like the spelling errors I've done so far. Lik e” “uou” or “Lik e”” which I just wrote. When I write streams of consciousness like these I can only think about how I'm not supposed to think that this is a stream of consciousness and instead I should focus on getting all my thoughts out as soon as possible. But there's always a part of me that is really self-conscious and thinking, hey, look, you're tyrying your hardest to do something that you don't usually do. Bleg anyway I've lost my train of thought, it's time to talk about other things. I'm still thinking about FF4 DS and how it looks really nice and how I definitely plan on buying it. But god damn it my teacher said there's only one more minute to writing this stream of consciousness so I feel as if I need to wrap things up, but obviously that's not what's happening in my brain because I'm constantly thinking about new things. I want to go back to my room to dick around on the Internet more but I can already do it here in class, that's a big problem of mine. Okay that's the end goodbye!
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