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Okay, my academic situation

So here's the facts, yak:
  1. I need to take a Data Structures class by the winter
  2. I can't take it during the summer because I am going to Israel from July 8 to 29
  3. I can't take it at Seattle's community colleges in the fall because it conflicts with a grad class I need to take
  4. I can't take it at College of Marin - they do not offer summer courses in Data Structures nor do they offer full distance learning
  5. I can't take it at UCSC - they also do not offer full distance learning
  6. If I take it at UW, it will cost $2000 extra
  7. University of Phoenix's classes take 5 weeks, but they do not offer an online Data Structures class
Things I haven't yet concluded:
  1. Does University of Phoenix, in fact, offer a class that would fulfill my requirement?
  2. Are there other community college systems in the Seattle area that offer an equivalent class at some other time?
  3. Are there other online classes I could take during the summer to fulfill this requirement?
  4. Do I actually need to take this by the Winter? What has it as a prerequisite?
The real irony I just realized today: I'm going to Israel, which is a free trip worth around $2000. But if I was to take this class at UW, I'd be paying about $2000 more than I could have paid if I took it during the summer. AWESOME!
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