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We shall now resume normal bloggin'.

So during class, while connected to non-secure wireless, and sitting in front of a lot of peering eyes, I moved money from my mutual funds into my bank account and paid for my Programming class at North Seattle Community College.

That means all the worry about distance learning and the like is down the toilet for now. What a relief. Tentative schedules for Autumn (not Fall at UW!) and Winter are as follows:

Programming II @ NSCC
Shallow Processing Techniques for Natural Language Processing @ UW

Data Structures and Algorithms @ UW (this will be goddamned expensive)
Intro to Linguistic Phonetics @ UW
Knowledge Engineering for Natural Language Processing @ UW

Now, the one thing left that I have to worry about is whether Gil Travel, the trip planners for Birthright, will find a way for me to stay until around July 29. I'm willing to pay a whole lot to stay longer - that's one of the main reasons why I signed up for Birthright in the first place and all be damned if I can't. Or just really sad. :\
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