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Fuck yes

Everything = taken care of.

Gil Travel called me up this morning and offered to extend my flight not to the 29th, but to the 31st. Although I was really happy and just about to accept, what happened yesterday put a little complication into the issue:

Shiranne suggested that during my extended stay in Israel, I could travel to Europe or something of the sort, and then return to Israel when I'm finished. According to my travel agent, a lot of people do the same thing.

Well it took me a few minutes of deliberation, but upon seeing that my parents were only so-so at the idea, and after calling up Shiranne and confirming another two extra days with her, I confirmed my flight for the 31st. Heck yeah. That means pretty much everything I've been worrying about is remedied and I can rest easy until, heck, Winter.

It's early so I am going back to sleep.
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