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What should I do.

So I've got a week coming up where I have nothing at all to do. From Monday to Friday there is seriously nothing whatsoever that I need to do. It'll be my last week in Santa Cruz. So, what should I do?

I'm thinking I should burn up some remaining Boardwalk tokens once or twice. I'm slowly gonna pack up. I guess I should hang out with some people I don't know if I'll ever see again. But besides that... eh. Not sure. I never really had much connection to Santa Cruz as a city, so there's nothing I especially want to say goodbye to. I DO want to eat at Pink Godzilla before I leave since everyone says it's the best sushi place in the county. But besides that... yeah.

And then the question must be asked... what am I doing in the next MONTH? After I graduate the Saturday after next and move back to Marin for a bit, what is there to do there? I think my main objective will be looking for a short-time job that I can start once I get back from Israel in August. Maybe I'll get some creative juices running one way or the other. As usual when I'm on vacation, I'll probably cook a bit.

Oh boy... so much to think about, now that I'm not required to think about anything for a while.
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