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Four years ago???

I'm really impressed by the fact that I hold the exact same philosophy as I did four years ago. I was just lookin' through LJ for the post where I hint that I lost my virginity and I came upon this one first - and, like, wow. That's the same conversation I've been having with my parents for the past few days.

I'm an atheist; life has no universal meaning; the constant I live by is "life is good."

Then the rest of that post goes into talking about trolls for some reason, but it is an interesting observation that I forgot about: some don't go by the given "life is good," instead, they go by "MY life is good" and say fuck y'all to everyone else.

Four years ago, man! Back then stuff was great! I was readyin' for Santa Cruz, saying goodbye to good friends for the time being, and basically recovering from one hell of an emotional summer. I was feeling anti-social, and couldn't wait to jump into a new environment in which to make friends. Also I made this awesome quiz which I still think is pretty relevant I'd say.

Four years later I'm coming down from another pretty emotional summer, just about to move away from the Bay Area again, looking to make new friends, and preachin' the exact same message as I once was. History repeats itself.

I'd say the biggest difference between now and then is that back then a lot of commenters were really freaking nice on LJ and I was nice back to them but now I'm a total dickhole to all of my LJ friends. Maybe I should start using mood icons again to reach for fake sympathy. Look I'm being a dickhole again
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