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Last hours

This is my last night of living in the Bay Area! Tomorrow I set off for the north.

I will be driving 605 miles north on Highway 5 tomorrow to reach Portland, where I hopefully won't be too exhausted to hang out with James for an evening, as he makes his way down to the Bay Area. The next morning I drive up to Seattle to start moving in to my apartment.

Today I went to the DMV to switch ownership of my car to myself, so I can sell it in a few weeks. Afterwards, I picked up Paolo and we headed to Benihana in Japantown for lunch. After saying goodbyes I packed my car full of bags and boxes. Barely enough room to sit, and fortunately I can at least look out my side mirrors...

Anyway yup that's my plan. So long, Bay Area. I'll be back for vacations but I have no plans of moving back. Not that I would be against it or anything if I had a great job in the area, but I'm just not one to make plans so far into the future. :)
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