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Dang. The Internet.

Amazing how empty my life is without the Internet being easily accessible. I have to take notes on my cell phone of all the things I need to look up online, and then sit at this coffee shop, Sureshot, and do my business. It'll only be a few more days until I'm connected again, but it's pretty difficult. If only they sent me my iPhone sooner...

I'm trying to find friends. So far I haven't done much with my roommates in terms of parties or other gatherings. Yesterday I headed down to GameWorks, just to see what sort of BEMANI they had there (best deal: pop'n music FEVER!)... I'm going again tomorrow because there's a $10 flat deal for the whole night, and there's bound to be a lot of people there.

I'm seeing if my department has some sort of orientation, because I obviously hope I can make friends with other computational linguists, or whatever. Besides that, all I can think of is just walking up and down the "Ave," or University Way, and seeing what sort of stuff is going on. I wonder if there are any obvious social situations I'm forgetting about... minus intentionally forgetting about all the beer-bashes on Greek way.

In my free time (which is all the time), I'm plowing through Paper Mario, which is great - and Odin Sphere is in the mail. I might try composing some music, too, but I'm a little wary about doing anything too creative - because chances are I'll need the Internet for some reference or something. Argh.

edit oh yeah, Apple had their event today. Good move with the splitting of Classic and Touch. Storage vs. Wi-Fi. The iPod touch looks confusingly like an iPhone, though...

also holy shit!! iPhone 8GB at $400?? Means I'm getting it in a few days, prob!
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