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Obligatory post I guess?

Awright so I up and bought an iPhone! The local AT&T shop still had some 4GB ones left, so I snatched one for $300. Means that I'll actually pocket some money once I get reimbursed $375! Why am I getting a free iPhone? Long story! Some other time!

I actually spent most of the day trying to get this thing to work. The first one I got, the SIM card slot wouldn't close properly, so I had to take it to an Apple store to get it replaced (after waiting for an hour at the Genius Bar). Then it was back to the AT&T store to find a way to move contacts off my old phone, wherein I bought a thumb drive and consequently spent 2 hours reformatting a weird database file to play nicely with Windows Contacts... just a lot of work.

Anyway, it's fun and useful, and it provides Internet in the house while we're waiting for Comcast. This was less of a chore to type than I thought it would be! Okay goodnight!
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