Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Snore. I'm at Kinko's right now, downloading a whole buttload of huge files onto their HD for temporary use. Why? Because I needed a Mac. No one I'm friends with has a Mac. No organization has a Mac to spare. But having to pay $12 an hour for Mac usage is not much for a 30+ hour $40/hour project I'm working on.

People around Marin County know of my skill in computers - I can make MIDIs, make websites, make animations, and diagnose computers in general. So I'm in the middle of a project for this one old artist guy - I'm making a Shockwave Flash animation for him. He uses a Mac, and I worked at his house. All was going fine until the trial period for Flash 5 expired... and I had nowhere to complete the project. I'd do it at my house (I have a "registered" version there), but I've got a PC, and, surprisingly, there's major incompatability between Flash PC and Mac development files. So I'm doing it here. My downloads are almost complete.

What I'm doing is a simple line-drawing animation - but without very complex coding, the only way I can animate a line being drawn is to go frame by frame and draw it. And at 6500 frames, this job is damn tedious. Sigh. Well, I'd better get to work.

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