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So I don't know if you know, but I don't do something a lot of other people supposedly do - read books.

I stopped reading books around the end of high school, when it was no longer necessary to do so. That's right, I went through college having read a grand total of, uh, one book? And I forget which one it was. And I think it was a graphic novel. I attribute the lack of reading to my low attention span - reading books was one of those things that just put me to sleep, because in comparison, staring at a computer monitor was a greater source of visual stimulus. I just couldn't look at paper for long enough to get anything out of it.

So when the iPhone came along and someone made an eBook application for it, I decided I'd try it out. And it's been working! Given nothing better to do on a bus, and staring at an LCD instead of a printed page, I can finally get into reading books. In a week I've gone through Tarzan of the Apes (which was included with the app as a demo), and now I'm starting on Neil Gaiman's American Gods.

If I keep this up, I may very well be anle to increase my frighteningly short attention span. Reading! Who'd-a thunk?

edit s/anle/able
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