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For the past few years I've used a Logitech MX310 mouse. It's pretty great!

See that little circular button below the scroll wheel, though? If you install Logitech's horrible drivers you can get it to pop up a makeshift application switcher, or do Vista's dumb Flip 3D thing that no one uses. It's basically useless, so I removed the driver and the functionality. And it's been sitting there. Bugging me. For years.

Until finally I got sick and tired of having it sit there and have no purpose (I'm a minimalist by nature), so I looked up some way of gettin' it to DO something. Seems that someone beat me to the punch and made this awesome hack for Logitech's drivers called uberOptions (the site of which seems down). Suddenly the little button was given hundreds of possible functions - I told it to open up a little VBS I programmed which plays/pauses iTunes (sup Shiranne, we coded it for our DJ app).

Can you say easiest way to play/pause iTunes possible? Because I can. I am very happy.
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