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08 October 2007 @ 06:15 pm
So for the first time in 5 1/2 years, I am without a car. Sold and transferred it for well below the blue book value, but it was the best offer, other appraisal sources valued it less, and the car was a gift, anyway. Can't complain!

I certainly hope selling my car was not a big mistake, but I've done fine not using it for the past few weeks, and I can't think of any reason why I'd need to leave Seattle by car for the next year or so. I can always rent a Flexcar or a U-Haul if I need to. But I'm quite happy about the financial and environmental benefits of taking the bus. It's $44/quarter, which saves so very much gas, parking, registration, insurance, etc... Not to mention the whole global warming bit.

Okay time for class!
Antagonist77antagonist77 on October 9th, 2007 06:23 am (UTC)
Well you can't really count global warming, because you selling the car will contribute more to greenhouse gases than having the car, and not using it. =\
Jeffrey Carl Fadenjeffreyatw on October 9th, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
What? No, if I didn't sell the car to someone they'd go and buy another car. The fact that they're using a car still in its prime rather than buying a new one that requires extra resources to produce actually is saving energy.
Antagonist77antagonist77 on October 9th, 2007 07:03 am (UTC)
You're _right_ - I didn't think of that.

Though, your selling/not selling the car is not going to have any effect whatsoever on how many cars are produced. But that's neither here nor there because if there were a policy of buying cars so that nobody would drive them.. well, you'd be an idiot. To be clear, that's not what I was saying.
Same story, different iteration.soygirl on October 9th, 2007 08:59 pm (UTC)
yay Jeffrey!!!!!

*high fives with my arm that works*

I can't wait til I can ride my bike again, but taking the bus pretty much rules anyway, so it's not a big deal.
Jeffrey Carl Fadenjeffreyatw on October 9th, 2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Hooray! Speedy recovery to you.

Perhaps I should go the bike route - the problem is, my classes are either too close or too far away to bike to... we'll see what happens with the current arrangement.