Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

I'm trying to get people to come back to the Swamp, by reopening old sections jam-packed with sentimental value, and by trying to contribute as much as I can. (Given I'm playing CT-PSX in most of my free time, that's how much I can do.) For those of you who only visit here (I'm probably not talking to anyone now), you should know that I am a staff member of the Midgar Swamp, but if you know me from the Midgar Swamp, you'll know that I pretty much own it, now that James has moved on to fighting games, and sees no real need in keeping the Swamp alive. If I didn't care about the Swamp, he'd probably close it right down. But the thing is, even though I practically run the Swamp, he still feels obligated to be around the Swamp since he IS the owner. To put it another way - if I was officially made "leader" of the Swamp, it'd make no difference.

I'm not saying all this like it's a bad thing, though. As I said, I doubt James really cares about RPG humor much anymore - and he's probably felt bad for years now that I've upstaged him in the Swamp spotlight. I turned it into my personal site, and because of that, it lost lots of visitors. People complained (mostly BobCFed08, a former member that left because it was becoming too personal), so I decided that I should do what the fans want, since it's not a personal site. So I stopped blogging there, managed my free time a bit more, and started changing the Swamp so old fans would start visiting again.

The Midgar Swamp will not close its doors. I care too little to do that. That may sound strange, being the practical "leader" and all, but it doesn't really look like Swamp fans want much new. Before they get that, they want the old Swamp back. So even if the Midgar Swamp "died," meaning I stop updating it, it would still remain online as an archive for people to browse through. Also, when I mean that I care little, that also means that I'm not paying for it!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I added the Comics section.

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