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I'm starting to feel overworked. Not really stressed, but sort of distraught about my overall situation.

I'm spending most of every day doing homework. Although I'm trying harder than I ever have to understand the material in my grad class, the grades I get back show that it's not good enough. At the same time I feel like I've lost my best friend, and while I'm trying to cultivate new friendships, I feel like there's just not enough time to do that.

I still think that I'm on the right track, in the big picture. Next quarter might present a slightly lesser class load (out of unavailability of classes I need to take), but I'm not sure about that. With my relationship ending, my future seems simpler (and even more convenient), but it comes at the cost of remaining unhappy for a currently indefinite amount of time.

I might be able to squeeze a movie in with Toph tomorrow, and this weekend might even give me enough time for a trip with Toph, Davyn and Amber to Vancouver. Even if I can barely afford to spend that time on fun, I think it might be more important than any other assignment I'm supposed to be doing.
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