Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

This is what I'd call a late-night rant. It's twisted, contradictory, makes no sense in the morning, and is one of the only time when you'll really see my depressive side come out. Here goes.

God damn it. Why can't I think of any good ideas for comics - or things to draw - these days? I'm so glad I'm not stuck to a schedule, like most web cartoonists, or else I'd shut down this site before you could say "UR COMIX SUX." (I haven't posted any yet, but my future comics (that I draw on a whim) will appear here.) I don't know what's wrong. I mean, every cartoonist can get away with one or two comics saying "oh, I've got an idea! DAMN! I forgot it!" or "I can't think of an idea, so I'll draw a smiley face!" but I just can't think of anything. The problem probably is because my comics are about myself. And myself is a bit boring these days. I mean, who'd like to see a comic about me practicing for my SATs? Or making my website? OOOH!!! And even when I do get ideas for comics (hey look, I just got one - I go to a website and there's a TALKING SANTA), I think about them later and they suck. Hell, I already scrapped the idea I just got. Damn, that was a stupid idea. Well, as I said earlier, there's no sense in me saying "oh, well, I guess I can't conform to my schedule," because when it comes to webcomics, I don't have one! Even more importantly, I HAVE NO VISITORS!

All right. Now, just insert Jeffrey in bed for 7 hours, and in the morning, you'll have a nice, nonsenscial rant courtesy of me!

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