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30 November 2007 @ 05:13 pm
Song Meme from chickensnack!  
Hello! Here is a sampler of 30 random songs from my iPod, about 10 seconds each. Guess the artist and title of each track! One or the other will give you half a point. Google is discouraged.

Listen here???

Comments will be screened but I will keep score of everyone!

regularryan: 4 points
chickensnack: 30 2 points
gogalucky: 1.75 points
357_calibur: 1.5 points
radpaolo: 1.5 points
bone316: 1 point
night_tracker: 1 point
thebossjustin: 1 point

My collection is sort of mainstream in some ways! I did not intend this to be especially obscure or especially easy, it's just random stuff from my iPod. If I wanted to make it harder I'd choose tunes from my entire library. Maybe if this turns out to be too easy I will do that next.

Tell me if you want to know the name of anything in particular. I enjoy sharing!
Music: Regurgitator - I Wanna Be a Nudist