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I need to plan a party this year. Because I want to see people who I haven't seen in a while and I also haven't had a birthday party at home for a while. Two years to be exact.

Days that I can have the party:

December 17 - 19
December 21 - 23
December 31 - January 3

So what do you think! Right now I'm just thinking about the date but I probably want to have the party at my Dad's place in Marin. Or there might be a SF/Marin portion - I've done something like that before.

A New Year's party is possible - done that before, too. But it might not be preferrable because I know there are other awesomer parties during the new year. But maybe I can jump on that and upstage anyone who's planning it!!! I don't know.

Really, I want to invite everyone I know from the Bay Area. I don't live there anymore and it's been a while for a lot of people. Like uh Paolo James Amelia Ryan Holland Felix Steve Simeon Jeff Arthur Sophie Bryan Hannah Lauren BRIAN and a whole bunch of other people. Anyone who's around. Chime in if any of these dates do or don't work for you.

Step 1 complete!
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