Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Bad news

Betty, my stepmom, has a malignant brain tumor, originating in her basal ganglia and spreading. She's been acting strange for about a month now, and this past week her mental state was especially poor - couldn't eat, dress herself, carry on conversation, and did a bunch of random things around the house, forgetting about them.

I'm in Seattle, so all I'm hearing about this is from my dad and sister, Lily. Fortunately, Lily has been around the house to check on her and took her to the ER a few days ago when it was apparent that she couldn't take care of herself. Yesterday is when they found out about the tumor.

Her chances of survival are next to nothing. I don't know if chemo or any other treatment will be able to restore her mental state, so she might be a near-vegetable until she dies.

I'm doing fine, in fact I'm a little disappointed at my lack of emotional involvement in the issue - but it might be because I'm a few states away at this point. On the other hand, my dad and sister who are dealing with it first-hand all the time, are crushed. If she dies there's a chance I'll go on hardship leave. It will also probably put a damper on Spring Break plans, when I was basically planning on hanging out with Shiranne the whole time.

This might also affect my dad and sister financially. Not me since my only support is medical insurance from my dad's job, but they might have to move, deal with selling the house they just spent another few hundred thousand to add an extension to, etc. Intensely horrible experience for the lot of them.
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