Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
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I have just landed a sweet position as web developer at Diabetes Health! Now I don't have diabetes, but it's pretty awesome to be working for a local magazine and helping their transition to the web. I'll be helping with the website and a bunch of other related topics. Full time until I leave for Israel. Pays great. And yes, it's local! It's in Woodacre, a 20 minute drive west from San Rafael. In fact, it's just up the street from Sophie's folks' house.

Heck of psyched. Feeling really lucky, too. This could have been a position that didn't fit, didn't pay well, was part time, had rigid start/end times, was in the city or further, etc. etc. This one's got a casual atmosphere and friendly folks.

That said, tomorrow's a half work day, at most, because I'm going in for surgery to remove my pilonidal cyst (ewwww... NSFW. used to not have a picture...). It's something that just doesn't go away, and sometimes gets enflamed. So it's good to get it out of there. Might not be able to walk for a while!! woooo

P.S. I now weigh less than 170 lbs, the first time I have weighed so little in... at least 5 years?
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