Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

((Not so nice?) Dream)

So one dream for last night was a little hazier, but here's what I remember:

My dad and I were in some middle eastern country, and we had found our way into some large tent hut in the middle of a battleground. We decided we needed to defend ourselves, so we started looking for weapons. I found a bunch of cool knives in and around the tent.

But when I re-entered the tent, I found that my dad (and someone else) had been taken hostage at the very back of the tent hut by a large woman with a gun. I grabbed a not-so-sharp knife and ran over there and tried to bargain. While doing so, I accidentally (?) stabbed the other hostage in the shoulder, to show that I was serious. The hostage looked at me, kind of annoyed.

The large woman and I decided to slowly exchange weapons, so I took her gun, and she took my knife. It turns out that her gun was cheap plastic, and I couldn't shoot her. She slowly stuck the knife into my neck and that's about all I remember!
Tags: dream
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