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Post About How I Am Enjoying Second Life

Probably has something to do with the fact that I work at Linden Lab, but I've begun to actually enjoy mulling about in Second Life. I'm proud of the product my company's working on. Crazy, right?

Anyway this is mostly a vanity post to show how I've actually learned how to create stuff to an extent - I've made my avatar look marginally less shitty than it once did.

My avatar was originally created and given to me by Neil Cicierega, or trapezzoid, who used to make neat things a few years ago in SL. I started using it as my main set of clothes once I started at Linden Lab last year, and since then I've made a number of improvements, like making it shinier and glowier. I went all-out this weekend and replaced a bunch of simple primitive shapes with curvy sculpted stuff.

Behind the cut are a few before-and-after pictures I just took. Although it's still rather unprofessional, I like to think I kept the spirit intact while updating it quite a bit:

And as a bonus, here's a 3D buttbot which actually works, plus me and a few goons in the background.

P.S. for those of you who have seen me in-world and wonder what that swirly vortex thing is on my chest, here's some hints: it's animated, it's not a simple texture, and you can't yet make it or see it!
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