Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Hehehehe. I just found out why Bob makes all these "girlfriends" on the web, and why he had the NERVE to call Faye "Koibito" or Mary "MY HOT SEXY MAMA." It's Livejournal!

Livejournal, while not being nominated for a Webby like Blogger (but almost winning one), seems much more... feminine than Blogger. I mean, Bob's not feminine, no sirree, but heck, there's "HOW I EM FELING: CHIPPER!!" and "WHUT I LISTEN TO: '99 REB DALLONS BY NENA'" in, like, every post. It's much less professional than Blogger, instead. Almost needless to say, there's no way of implementing your weblog straight into your website, and it's got to have your happy little profile, and happy little buddy icon. It's not that it's really that bad for those who don't mind all that... but the reason it kicks the ass of Blogger is... community!

I was just checking out Bob's Livejournal. He mentioned that he picked up like 5 skanky LJ ho's in the past week. They're swarming around in his cyberpants as we speak. Me? Uhh... I only know people online that I also know IRL, and they want to get in my REAL pants.

...Hold on a sec. What the hell am I complaining about? Hahaha, Bob, you dream of ugly geek girls states away from you, while I don't have to because they're right there in front of me! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I apologize for the previous rant. I was up until 6 AM last night making a fancomic for Bob, since I felt like it. 3 hours of sleep is NOT a good thing.

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