Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

In Memoriam

Jeffrey Faden the California Public School Student
1990 - 2003

Weow. That's the end. Finished my finals, about to graduate in a few hours, then we got the grad night party, and my life as a public school student is over... and hence starts my life as a university student.

I snuck an extra ticket from our assistant principal for Ameila to come to graduation. I just said we've got extended family. That's not far from the truth, right? Summar will be great. We've got to plan to do lots of things and go places. That goes for everyone.

Nothing else really noteworthy... there will be DDR at grad night so we can embarrass ourselves one last time in front of the senior class (or whoever is loser enough to stumble into the game room - James, we will NOT be the main event here)... and it's just good ol' Oasis tomorrow. Annie and Sophie have left for Europe, so Amelia can't meet Sophie (she knows Annie from a while ago, though) but Lauren will be there as well!

So, long term plans for the summer are Fanime, Conrad's birthday, Geoff's birthday, UCSC orientation, Marin County Fair, and far off into September is Wilderness Orientation, which I am not really looking forward to. But I'll have a lot of free time seeing as my only job is helping out my mom, so I'll be doing a lot of swimming and animating, in that order.
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