Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Must type qvickly. Bell about to ring.

Over the weekend I was driven over to Vallejo, a city on the other side of the S.F. Bay, to work on a website for a friend of my mom's. I easily fixed all of the problems with her site and got MUCHO$ MONEY$, but the coolest thing that happened was that I got to play with my own dog's brother.

You see, my dog Java was bred in Fresno by these master breeders. He's the mix of a poodle, and 1/2 poodle 1/2 Pekingese. And of course, he wasn't the only one in the litter... and he wasn't the only litter. So there are a lot of Java clones floating about. Scary, huh? So, my mom happened to come along this woman who I helped, at a company she used to work for. And she has another from that litter, named Sammy. Boy is he cute, and boy does he need to be castrated.

...Uhm. I'm sorry I have to leave it on that note... the bell just rang.

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