Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

<VoD> All females are bi
<Jonathan> All males are gay
<JeffreyAtW> All Japanese Anime females are bi.

This could be the stupidest ad of all time. In this Bush-led society, what is this supposed to make us believe? That these animals appreciate the existENCE (omg I spelled it wrong previously) of an SUV, and will coexist with it? Wrong-o! I mean, hell, ol' pretzel-chokin' Bush is drilling the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge for oil. All these cutesy-wootsey animals are going to DIE for that SUV. DIE. NOT LIVE.

I recently erased my Handspring Visor's data, because it had a corrupt file, and would not let me beam, delete, or categorize. So I had to re-upload my graphing calculator. The calculator, though, came in many different versions... about every Slavic language ever made, and English. So I chose "En," and it gave me a Zákla, complete with Vìdec, Celá èísla, and Grafy. WTF!!!

Also... I know Tycho and Gabe will never hear this, but I wish to complain about their recent strip about the Fruit Fucker 2000. If the Devil were really to order a juicer in the mail, he'd get "the JUCIFER". Wouldn't he?

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