Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Until further notice, I'm sleeping at my dad's house all the time, and visiting my mom's house one or two days a week. It's like a complete reversal of what used to be happening... and I'm glad. How the hell did the custody arrangement make us end up mostly with mom, anyway?! Of course, this "further notice" could be pretty soon, depending on my mom's ever-fluctuating mood.

My NBC report is taking up so much of my time... and most of this time is spent staring at the computer screen, wondering what to take notes on next. I'm not an expert at oral reports, no sirree. I did make a vector-based graphic of the first NBC peacock logo so I can resize it for a poster... I may just show that for laughs later.

Back to another week at school. Hopefully, it'll just be another ho-hum week... as in no major-ass projects will pop up.

Oh heck, I forgot to talk about my birthday party. It went well, I guess. I had originally planned to invite 6 friends to go to the city with me, where we would watch Metropolis and then get a bite to eat (AND CAKE) at Max's Opera Cafe, and then go to the Metreon to watch James increase of azn pryde in DDR. Instead, 4 of my friends watched me beat FFX, we went to Fresh Choice (this all-you-can-eat salad bar), and watched the Time Machine, which was your average logic-lacking sci-fi adventure flick. Well, for a birthday party that took place almost 3 months after my actual birthday, I guess it was pretty good.

(Insert comment here about how most 16-year-olds (girls) used to have a spectacular coming-out party, followed by a gay Blog comment by Brian.)

I worked on MIDI's today... mostly by deleting MIDIs on my to-do listPthatRpeopleEdecidedTtheyZdidn'tEwant.LYay!

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