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I'm Not Tired Yet

I never really wanted it to be this way, but I can be much more open on my Livejournal than on my main blog, because my parents don't know about this one. I never really want to have anything to say that my parents can't read about like anyone else - I shouldn't have to hide anything. But it's just the details that made last weekend the best weekend ever.

By the way! Since this is my LiveJournal only, I might say things that are candid or maybe even invasions of other people's privacy. I MIGHT. I probably won't. But I'm not afraid to tell the whole truth.

Saturday was comprised of two events: Conrad's birthday party, and Chris's LiveJournal party (and post-birthday).

The whole Drake gang and I went to see Charlie's Angels: Stupid Sequel, and it was certainly dumb. I actually liked it better than the first movie - ARGH, why did I say that - what I meant to say was that I think the first movie was more horrible. There. Both are dumb, poorly executed action movies. But it was something to watch.

We returned to Conrad's for some birthday cake from Baskin Robbins. Best freaking cake ever. I also got acquainted with Conrad's mom, who showed me baby pictures of Conrad, pointed out the places in his room where he hides his porn, and gave me a business card so I could make, ahem, "house calls."

Or more likely she just encouraged me to throw my resume around for workings.

After that I drove straight to the Metreon, with no complications. I am totally OWNING the roads San Francisco recently. It's like, 101, Lombard, Van Ness, Downtown, Metreon. Freaking easy. Weow.

Once there I was just in time for the usual DDR tourney that Chris puts on at LJ meets. The challenge was PA with 2 modifiers. I went up against James. We got era on Reverse Dark, and both suckinged, yet I ended up in 4th place overall, wooee. Enough for a glomp from Chris. Works for me.

Afterwards there was eatings of Long Life Noodles w/ James. Double Happiness (egg noodles, pork, wontons) OWNS EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.

INTERMISSION: I just heard some illegal fireworks go off! Whoopee!

Yeah, anyway I laughed at Grace a bit for not being able to sit with everyone else while she was shmorking, and we all got a laugh as Totally Asian Harry Potter Amazing Shawn Dude was absent, yet we tacked "Azn" onto an empty box of Harry Potter books and threw it around.

Then we saw Hulk. I liked it much more the second time. The movie actually seemed appealing when uh, I could watch the whole thing. :P I'll leave everyone else to figure that out.

A little bit of DDR followed the movie, and then we moved most of the group down to Japantown. And I drove LJ peoples. Like Randee, who never mentions me in his blog. :( We situated ourselves in the DoReMi karaoke lounge. An hour of singing to "Butterfly," "In The End," "Bohemian Rhapsody," and "Dona Dona" (a slow, sad Holocaust song, picked and sung by me :P) commenced. But we never did get to sing "Eye of the Tiger"... or "Bawitdaba" even! Well, "you can't always get what you want." Huh, we didn't get to sing that song, either, come to think about it.

We left San Francisco with no problem (and a race through the city with another car o' LJ folk) and made it to Chris's house (with a stop at Safeway along the way, where I got brie and crackers. Oh god is that good). Chris's roommates are a bit touchy about noise, although I'm sure that having about 10 people sleep over is sorta pushing it for an apartment, but we kept it down and played some low-volume DDRMAXJ and BMIIDX6. Grace discovered that I am a comfy bed, so she ended up trying to sleep on me. She also tried to get me...


Here's the funny thing: I've never had alcohol... in America. When I went to Europe I had some dinner champagne at fancy restaurants in France and Italy... and when I went to Mexico I had myself some cocktails... yet really, I'd never been to a party where alcohol was available. And I think I handled one like this very well.

Yes, I did drink. There were Skyy malt beverages, sake, plum wine, and vodka. One lesson I learned was not to mix drinks, but I had a little of everything. Enough for a nice buzz. Grace failed in her mission but we made it up by heading over with a few other guys to the apartment complex's hot tub at about 4 in the morning. We watched Grace's high school friend Curtis totally gawk at her as she sat around in her swimsuit. Big whoop. It was funnier to watch his body, as every time he got out of the tub he sucked in his chest to make himself look like he had pecs. Or maybe I'm just analyzing a bit too much.

Anyway, we watched the sky brighten over San Quentin, of which we had a great view, and we also watched my hands prune up like there was no tomorrow. Seriously, it hurt to move them. I had sponges for hands.

By the time we returned to Chris's room, everyone was finally asleep (except for fellow roommate and Starbase employee Arthur who never seems to sleep). Grace 'n' I snuggled for a bit (in Jeffrey The Bed position), trying to get some sleep, while others were in the process of waking up. Sooner or later, we all up and left Chris's party, thanking him for one great night (OMG THANKS AGAIN CHRIS WEOW YOU ARE AMAZING) and heading to... Starbase. :P

The rest of the day was spent preparing for my summer orientation at Santa Cruz, and some early sleep, since I hadn't had much the night before. I'll post about my experience there later. It'll definitely be more public - I went with my dad, anyway.
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