Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

This is a relative question, but... do you who are reading this think my site is popular?

You know, popular like "I don't have to answer questions and comments," and popular like "it's too crowded to have your opinions heard through forums/chat/other public comments." Well, if it's that last one, then of course my site is rather damn unpopular.

But having a website with a domain name, no ads, an attractive site design (well I like it), and being literate enough to type with complete sentences, capitalization, and punctuation, would that instantly make my website popular? To some people, it seems that way.

I guess what I'm really saying is that I enjoy talking to people who visit my website, and appreciate comments and questions from anyone. Many webcomics I read spout opinions which are very similar to my own, but I can't get in touch with the authors to talk with them. Like, I'd love to have a conversation with Joshua Lesnick, and boy oh boy does Greg Dean sound like my kind of guy, but they don't reply to my comments or questions. They seem like nice people and all... it's probably because they've heard it all before and have too much of their own work and other fans to deal with.

That's why I don't hang out in crowded places... like webcomic forums, overblown chatrooms like #fret and #square, and the like. I like to have space where I can be unique and have my opinions heard, since I know that there are thousands of people out there that are just like me. I guess I'm glad that just a personal blog gets as much attention as I'm getting. I think it's great that you guys who post comments and mail me take the time to do that. I'll take it that it means I'm interesting :D

...Or, it means that people want to suck up to get their MIDIs higher on the request list.

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