Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

Wow, I just found a way to make cash. And for YOU to bump your MIDIs to the top of my list. Get my drift?

I added a PayPal button to the side of my page. If you send me $5, I will bump your MIDI to the top of my list, meaning that I'll start working on it right away.

Hellfire104 has paid me $5, and now I'm working on his MIDI. All he has to wait for now is for me to finish making his MIDI.

Of course, it's completely optional to pay me anything... I'll still compose and sequence for free... nothing will change for people who are waiting, and my policy will not change for any future requests. The only catch is that you'll have to wait on line (that's always been the catch).

To rid of this catch, just sign up with PayPal and refer me (, or if you already have PayPal, just send $5 through that button, and you'll be on the top of the list.

Um, of course, there's ANOTHER catch involved... this new paid policy means that there will be a new paid waiting list... so if anyone pays me $5 now, they'll have to wait for Hellfire104, who's paid me first. Get it?

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