Jeffrey Carl Faden (jeffreyatw) wrote,
Jeffrey Carl Faden

For the first time this year, I'm home sick from school. Bryan informs me that almost everyone at the party over the weekend got sick too. Stupid parties. I'm never going to them again.

Damn... I thought I'd have a lot more to say, but all that I'm thinking about right now is my sore throat and runny nose. And how my Motrin is supposed to kick in any time now and make me drowsy.

Oh yeah... it was my dad's birthday today, and because I was sick, I didn't get to go out to dinner with him. Instead I stayed home and ate some horrible Wolfgang Puck microwave lasagna which my stepmom accidentally bought for me. That microwave pasta crap is AWFUL. It either burns up and sticks to the plastic case, or doesn't get cooked properly and crumbles into some sort of pasta powder. AWFUL, I say. Fortunately, I washed it down with Ben and Jerry's "Everything but the..." an EXCITING new flavor with a whole bunch of assorted stuff in it.

Speaking about food, if I'm feeling well enough tomorrow I'll be running a booth at my school's Multicultural Week Food Fair, trying to make some sort of profit from sushi. I originally planned to make the sushi, but yet again, that plan fell short because of my being sick... and also because I've never made sushi and would probably suck at it. So I'll just buy some from the supermarket and arrange it neatly.

I actually did start at school this morning, because my drama class is in the middle of a video unit, so I HAD to be there to act as the grand-uncle in this pseudo home video that we're making. So after the end of every scene, I nearly coughed my lungs out. Wasn't a good day today. Also, I didn't get much MIDI done because after driving myself home around lunchtime, I fell asleep until 6:00.

Bleah. Must get better...

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